Noémie Dicaire

In 2005 at the age of 7 yrs old, Noémie starts to train in hip hop at Le Dance Lab and is already on the competitive dance team.

She has a lot of success at a very young age with her competitive hip hop group.  She is already receiving many first place awards at the 5-6-7-8 Showtime dance competition in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec with the following choreographies:  Promiscuous Girl in 2007, Girlfriend Remix in 2008 and Girlylicious in 2009.

In September of 2009 at the age of 12 yrs old, this talented young dancer is already part of the advance hip hop team of her school.  She has a natural talent for dance and works very hard to bring the best out of herself.

In the summer of 2010 & 2011, she participates in the intense summer dance camps offered by Le Dance Lab.  She has the opportunity to discover many other forms of dance such as ballet, tap, lyrical and jazz.

In 2010, Noémie is part of a hip hop competitive dance group that receives a Platinum award and is also recipient of the 1st Place Top Large Senior Group at Pick The Stars International dance competition in Montreal, Quebec with the  Fireman choreography.

In 2011, her results are excellent once again.  She receives a Diamond award and a 1st Place Top Small Hip Hop Group at the Shine Dance competition in Gatineau, Quebec.

In the summer of 2011 and 2012, Noemie trains at the 8 Count Dance Complex in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec to improve the most she can by continuing to discover and practice many hip hop styles.

Noémie had the opportunity to participate in many workshops offered by her school with the most renowned teachers and choreographers across Canada such as Blueprint Cru now operating as Blueprint Dance Company, Mark Samuels, Mélissa Charlot, Janick Arseneau, MonstaPop, Spicey, Axelle “Ebony” Munezero, Valérie T. Chartier, Saxon Fraser, Cathryn Croft, Amy Gardner, Vanessa Gagnon and many more.

In 2012, her hip hop group is invited to the Dance World Cup in Montreal and received a 2nd Place with Girls Night Out.

She started training in jazz in 2012 and 2013 to become a more versatile dancer and is already part of the jazz competitive dance team.  She becomes very successful with a very small amount of experience.

Her hard work and determination are acknowledged by the awards she has received from her school. Since 2005, Noémie has received an award every year either as a model student or as a most improved dancer.

Her competitive results keep getting better! In 2013, she places 1st with her hip hop group at 5-6-7-8 Showtime with Da Lab Techs and also receives a Dance World Cup Invitation. This group also wins 1st place overall awards at the Shine & Kick It Up competitions held in Gatineau.

In 2013, she had the opportunity to participate in Monsters of Hip Hop, a dance education convention of intense hip hop workshops in Mystic, Connecticut, US with her dance school learning from the most renowned international hip hop teachers and choreographers such as Chonique Sneed, Jamal Sims, Kevin Maher, Laura Edwards, Luam, Bryan Tanaka just to name a few.

Noémie’s hard work pays off. Her hip hop group receives a 2nd place with Cozmetik Hardwear at Canada’s biggest dance competition HIT THE FLOOR in Lévis, Quebec and also at 5-6-7-8 Showtime in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. She also receives many first place overall awards at Shine, Kick It Up and Thunderstruck competitions.

This young lady is currently a grade 11 student at l’école secondaire catholique de Plantagenet. On her own time, she loves to train doing crossFit with her friends, playing volleyball and spending time with her family.


Janika Maisonneuve Bossé

From the age of 7 yrs, Janika enrolls in the jazz dance discipline and is rapidly interested in the hip hop discipline. At the age of 10, she joins the competitive dance team and participates in many competitions throughout the years.

In 2009, she receives a Platinum award for her hip hop group performance as well as in 2010 including 1st place as the Top Large Senior Group at Pick The Stars competition in Montreal, Quebec. In 2010 at the Flashdance competition in Gatineau, Quebec she received a Platinum award for her jazz group performance.

At the age of 14, she works as an assistant teacher for the hip hop beginner group and creative dance group. She had the opportunity to be an assistant teacher at Le Dance Lab’s first two summer dance camps.

During the summer of 2010, she participated in hip hop classes at the 8 Count Dance Complex in Montreal, Quebec. She also had the opportunity to follow many workshops over the years with Blueprint Cru now operating as Blueprint Dance Company, Michael Rhodes and The Pulse, a large dance convention in New York City hosted by the biggest names in dance such as Mia Michaels, Cris Judd, Brian Friedman, Peter Chu, Robert Hoffman, Gil Duldulao, Dave Scott, Laurianne Gibson, Ron Todorowski, Desmond Richardson, Tyce Diorio, Andy Blankenbuehler & Derek Mitchell.

Most recently she had the opportunity to participate in many workshops given by Le Dance Lab with Mark Samuels, Alexandra “Spicey” Landé, Mélissa Charlot, MonstaPop, Axelle “Ebony” Munezero, Valérie T. Chartier, Cathryn Croft, Janick Arseneau, Vanda Hadarean and many more.

Her competitive hip hop group results are excellent as she received a Diamond award and a 1st place for Hip Hop Small Group in 2010 at the Shine dance competition in Gatineau, Quebec.

Janika trained at the 8 Count Dance Complex in Montreal in the summer of 2011 to gain more experience.

In 2012, her biggest accomplishment was winning a 2nd place silver medal at the Dance World Cup in Montreal, Quebec with her hip hop group. She has developed a lot of experience as an assistant teacher training a competitive beginner hip hop group, a jazz group and a creative dance group.

In 2013, she places 1st with her hip hop group at 5-6-7-8 Showtime with Da Lab Techs and also receives a World Cup Invitation. This group also wins 1st place overall awards at the Shine & Kick It Up competitions held in Gatineau.

Janika studies accounting at La Cité in Ottawa and works as a lifeguard part-time.

Daria Kruszel

Daria Kruszel

Daria started her classical ballet training at the Académie de Ballet Classique in the West Island of Montreal in 1985. In 1990, she joined the Ballet Ouest de Montréal company as “Snowflake” in the annual production of THE NUTCRACKER. She perfects her ballet dance discipline with the help of maître Daniel Seillier (Paris Opera Ballet) and Franco Devita (maître The School of American Ballet)

She has many leading roles as a ballerina such as The Rose in Waltz of the Flowers and in the Arabian Coffee pas de deux. She was invited to join Les Ballets Contemporains de Montréal in 2002 dancing as a leading role in many performances presented to over 10,000 elementary students across Montreal.

As a freelance teacher and dancer, she trains with Edward Hillyer (Les Grands Ballets Canadiens) and Christophe Maroval (Pacific Northwest Ballet)

She obtained many choreography awards in Canada and the United States during competitions.

Daria teaches in many dance schools in the Montreal region and is known for her excellent teaching and special approach with her students.


Lorena Liebman

Lorena started training in ballet, tap and jazz at a young age and discovers her passion for the hip hop discipline. She trains at 8 Count Dance Complex under the direction of Steve Bolton and is an original member of the urban hip hop crew Blueprint Cru now operating as Blueprint Dance Company. Her crew made it to the finals of America’s Best Dance Crew, a popular dance show on MTV. This was the first international crew to make it this far.

She has been a choreographer for Irratik, an all female hip hop crew who won the Canadian Hip Hop Championships many times and a silver medal at the World of Hip Hop Championships.

She had the opportunity to dance and choreograph for many artists such as Karl Wolf, Saschali, Kristina Maria just to name a few. She worked on many projects including the Michael Jackson video game for Xbox Kinect. She also has been an assistant choreographer to Steve Bolton for many Quebec television shows such as Mix 4 & On Connait La Chanson.

She is the choreographer for Nu-Unit and The Brat Pack Boys who made their appearance on Canada’s Got Talent. You can see this talented dancer perform in many dance videos and television shows. She will be making an appearance in the Step Up All In movie with Blueprint to be released in August.

Lorena wants her students to achieve the highest level of dancing they can and this shows in her excellent approach with the students while she teaches.


Janick Arseneau

It’s at the age of 3 that this young lady from Bathurst, New Brunswick starts dance training. She trains in many dance styles such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap and hip hop at Danse Acadie dance school under the direction of Christine DeGrâce.

At 18 yrs old, she moves to Montreal to start training at the 8 Count Dance Complex with Steve Bolton under her wings. She had the opportunity to make many performances with artists such as Rachid Badouri, Massari, Saschali and many more.

Janick places top 4 in the 3rd season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She is rapidly identified as the most versatile dancer of the season and as Mia Michaels favorite. She is also part of an all female crew called Irratik and performed on America’s Best Dance Crew, an American dance television show. You can see her perform in the movie “Mirror Mirror” featuring stars such as Julia Roberts or in the Step Up All In movie with Blueprint.

Janick is a member of Blueprint Dance Company, under the direction of Steve Bolton, owner of 8 Count Dance Complex in Montreal. She gives many workshops across Canada to share her dance passion. You can also see her perform on many television shows across Quebec such as La Voix for Ceelo Green and on the Bell Center stage for the signer Marie-Mai.

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